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Quck and Easy Keg and Tap Line Cleaning

  The Brewer’s Association recommends cleaning your draft lines every two weeks if they are used “regularly”. Since it’s coming from the Brewer’s Association, I’m pretty sure regular use of a draft line would constitute a tap room or bar pulling hundreds of pints a day. As homebrewers, I think we would probably abandon the …


So You Want to Start Kegging?

  So there it is. That carboy or bucket full of beer. It’s finished attenuating, the yeast beasties have all settled down for their long nap, and you’re sooooo close to being able to drink the delicious brew you’ve put so much time into. You just got home from work or  it’s the weekend and you have …


Down the Rabbit Hole: Small Batch Bru Starts Kegging

  It has happened…Small Batch Bru has finally tired of bottling after only 10 batches. I made the decision last week to purchase a two tap kegerator from kegerator.com! For a few days I contemplated building my own chest freezer kegerator system, but I barely have enough time to brew; let alone build a kegerator. …