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Experiment: “Fast” vs “Traditional” Lager Schedule

Overview Lagers are known for their clean, crisp character with little to no esthers. For hundreds of years, brewers have been fermenting these lager yeasts at lower temperatures than their ale counterparts. But lately, both commercial and home brewers have been questioning this “long and cold” lager fermentation dogma. I recently brewed a split batch …


Fermentation Chamber Build: Getting Serious About Temperature Control

If you’ve read How to Brew by John Palmer, or if you’ve ever listened to the man speak, then you know that fermentation temperature control falls second (sanitation being number one) on his list of priorities when it comes to brewing great beer. To keep things simple; fermentation temperature control keeps your yeast happy. And when …


Review | Cool Brewing Fermentation Bag

If you’ve read How to Brew by John Palmer then you know the second most important factor that can affect the outcome of your beer (number one being sanitation) is fermentation temperature control. For those of us that are apartment dwellers it can be difficult to find space for an extra fridge. Some folks choose …