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Split Batch Brew Day: A Hefe and a Raspberry Farmhouse

About a year ago I brewed a batch of my wife’s favorite beer – “La Jefa” Weizen – a traditional Bavarian hefeweizen. I typically brew 3 – 5 gallon batches, but I wanted a little extra wort to “play around” with. After reading through several recipes that a few of my favorite sour beer breweries …

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Berliner Weisse Brew Day 2: Kettle Sour with the RoboBrew

  Summer 2017 is coming to an end and so shall my summer beer styles. Since the last Berliner Weisse was such a hit amongst my household, I decided to brew another 5 gallon batch o the same style. My first Berliner Weisse was kettle soured by keeping it outside in the hot Houston sun …

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Flanders, Ned | Flanders Red Brew Day

  After reading Michael Tonsmeire’s excerpt about soleras in Home Brew All Stars, I decided to start a solera of my own. Since I don’t currently have a any barrels in my possession, I guess you could call my current program a “pseudo-psolera”.   My Honey Wheat Farmhouse Saison had been aging for about 6 …

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Berliner Weisse Brew Day

I’ve been looking forward to this brew day for a while. (Check out my Berliner Weisse article) After researching different souring method and recipes I finally decided on a 50/50 grain bill of German Pale Wheat and German Pilsner; kettle soured and fermented with S-05. I almost decided to ferment with a WLP565 Saison 1 …

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Berliner Weisse: “The Champagne of the North”

Berliner Weisse

  The Style Sour beers are just recently coming into the craft beer and home brewing spotlight. For those who have never tried a “sour” beer, Berliner Weisse is the perfect starting point. A Berliner Weisse isn’t extremely tart, nor is it considered overly “funky”. Berliners offer a reserved lactic sourness and crisp dryness. The …

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Honey-Wheat Farmhouse Saison

Ever since I tried my first sour beer about a year ago I’ve been intrigued by the process of brewing my own sour. I’ve also been very intimidated. After a few months of research I finally decided to take a whack at a sour batch. I had some WLP566 (Saison II) in a mason jar …