Simple Helles Recipe – Traditional Lager Schedule

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My NHC Helles Recipe scored fairly well at the first round of the National Homebrew Competition! But I decided at the last minute to enter it as a Vienna Lager. I mostly made this decision because of the darker color.

This Simple Munich Helles recipe is about as simple as it gets, and it brought the color down into the Munich Helles Category. I actually brewed two batches of this – one I fermented using a “traditional” lagering schedule which took about 34 days. The other batch was fermented using a “quick” lager schedule – about 16 days from brew day to packaging.

These to batches of Helles will be used in a blind triangle test to see if lagering schedule has any effect on perception. This experiment is being done for Experimental Brewing. Head over to their site and listen to the podcast!

Enjoy the recipe!