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Saaz Saison Tasting Notes

I finally got around to bottling the Saaz Saison that my friends and I brewed a few weeks ago. The Saison started a little lower and finished a little higher than predicted, but it tastes great and was enjoyed by all on game night. According to the hydrometer numbers, this beer is somewhere between 4.55% …

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Saaz Saison Brew Day

I typically brew during the day while my girlfriend is at work, but this past brew day we had some friends in town and decided to have a how-to-brew day. Since I was running low on my Weedwacker Clone I decided to brew another pale style that’s in the realm of a “session” beer. Also, I’m …

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Dark Winter Saison: Saison Noel

Since I don’t currently have any way of controlling my fermentation temperatures, I tend to lean toward using Saison yeast for it’s higher temperature range. I keep my thermostat around 75 degrees at home and that usually gives me a fermentation temperature of around 78 degrees. Since the holidays and cooler temperatures are approaching I …