Small Batch Brü

About the Brewer

Just as the subtitle for the page reads: I'm just another really bored guy that fell in love with the process of making my own beer. The best part about my job (which shall remain a mystery) is that it gives more time off than the average person. So one day I got online and ordered a one gallon extract starter kit. The final product was less-than-delicious. I decided to do a little more research and discovered all-grain brewing. After my first all-grain batch, I had fallen in love with the process of brewing. And that's really why we do it, isn't it? We currently live in a beer bubble with over 6,000 craft breweries in the US. It's so easy to run down the street and pick up a sixer, a tallboy, a bottle, or even a growler of your favorite locally-brewed beer. We do it because deep down inside we're all biologists, chemists, engineers, and...well...just nerds.

When I'm not brewing on my days off I'm usually staying pretty active through running, working out, golfing, and traveling a lot with that beautifiul person on the left. Liz is my rock, guiding light, and most importantly the person that puts up with carboys bubbling in the corner and the smell of freshly-boiled wort (which she thinks smells like dog food) when she comes home from work.

Please take what you will from this site and leave some feedback too! We look forward to sharing our recipes, techniques, and experiments on this journey. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at Now go brew some beer!